Welcome to Cardiac Athletes


If you are a heart patient who has gone on to make such a good recovery that your doctor / physician has agreed to let you return to your favourite sport “so long as you don’t over do it!”, then this website, launched in April 2012, is for you.

The use of exercise to heal the heart is not a recent discovery. In 1772 Dr. Heberden was perhaps the first documented physician to recognise the importance of exercise for heart patients when he observed that one of his patients was ‘ nearly cured ‘ after half an hour of daily exercise in the form of sawing wood! Sadly this discovery was largely overlooked until 1951 when Levine and Lown demonstrated the importance of early mobilisation of heart patients and Hellerstein’s article in 1957 on cardiac rehabilitation had a major impact on physicians.[1]

There have been many great pioneers over the centuries who have contributed to the evolution of cardiology. A few of the more recent noteable pioneers include: Dr. Werner Forsmann who in 1929 performed the very first cardiac catheterisation on himself. Then in 1958 Dr. Senning completed the first human pacemaker implant. In 1962 Dr. David C. Sabiston Jr made the first human coronary artery bypass graft and Dr. Christiaan N. Barnard stunned the world in 1967 by being the first to transplant the human heart. In 1977 Dr. Andreas Gruentzig safely achieved the first coronary balloon angioplasty on a conscious patient and 1986 saw Dr. Jacques Puel insert the first human coronary artery stent.[2]

Cardiac rehabilitation has advanced so much that in the 21st century we now have you, the ‘Cardiac Athletes’, an exceptional and revolutionary group of people with unique physiologies supported by the latest leading-edge, state-of-the-art medical technologies, doing extraordinary activities and setting new standards of human performance. You are very probably the last pioneers of cardiology. This website is a celebration of your brave achievements and of the human spirits ability to overcome the limitations imposed by the body. Your discoveries will not be overlooked. They will be recorded by this website with the hope that they may lead to new avenues of medical research which in turn will benefit cardiac rehabilitation patients everywhere.

If you do fit the profile then don’t hesitate in joining.  You don’t have to be an ‘elite’ athlete.  It’s for all ex-cardiac rehabbers.  Go straight to the Forums link and register NOW !  Do not procrastinate.  It’s totally free to you … honest.  There are no subscriptions to be paid.  Once inside the Forum you will meet many like-minded, friendly and interesting people from around the world to share your experiences with.  You will learn much from others on how to heal your heart safely and effectively, to become fitter and healthier, to improve your sports performance, to stay positive and optimistic.  In essence to help you live a longer, healthier and happier life.  Now isn’t that really what it’s all about ?

The future success of this website depends ultimately on you, the Cardiac Athletes, so post your stories today so that they can uplift and inspire someone else tomorrow!