I am sure that all cardiac rehabbers everywhere will join me in taking this opportunity to thank the early pioneers of cardiology, the inventors, the scientists and researchers, the manufacturers, representatives, doctors, nurses, operating room staff, lecturers, paramedics, technicians, and all other health-care professionals. Without them it would be impossible to contemplate a website dedicated to Cardiac Athletes

My grateful thanks go to the cardiac rehabilitation nurses at Conquest Hospital, Hastings for including me in their excellent programme.

I am extremely grateful to Russell Bestley for designing the logo from my vague descriptions, for his work on the Association of Cardiac Athletes newsletter and for being a guiding light and inspiration to other Cardiac Athletes around the world. I would also like to thank the Cardiac Athletes who are providing an increasing number of inspirational stories and action photos.

The two people I can not thank enough are web designers John Henderson for bringing my ideas to life and Jo Passmore for recent improvements to the site. Without their expertise this website would not have been constructed.

I should also like to thank my consultants and colleagues for their comments and suggestions on the final draft.

Finally I want to thank the two doctors I once overheard describing a patient as a ‘cardiac cripple’ and made me wonder what the opposite more positive expression might be.

I thank you all.

My sincerest apologies if I have forgotten anyone.