“cardiacathletes.org.uk seeks to discover and celebrate the new pioneers of cardiology, people with cardiac histories who achieve sporting success”


In order to achieve the above mission statement the following key component objectives have been identified which this website will endeavour to fulfill at all times:

Ethical – to ensure equal access to information without prejudice or discrimination and to give control to the Cardiac Athlete over what confidential medical information is publically and globally disclosed, and to respect the dignity of Cardiac Athletes.

Sociological – to unite like-minded people of all nationalities, ages and abilities who have had heart problems but who wish to continue with active sporting lifestyles following medical clearance and who wish to support and encourage one another.

Psychological – to provide an environment which is conducive to self-improvement, that meets the needs of the Cardiac Athlete, which uplifts, gives hope and motivates by the inclusion of inspirational sporting stories.

Physiological – to provide up-to-date evidence-based information from sports specialists and medical professionals on the most safe and effective exercise for the various cardiac conditions.

Communication – to provide an opportunity to express opinions, ask questions and receive answers in plain English and to welcome all forms of feedback which will enable continual improvement of this website.

Research – to collect statistical data which will provide new avenues for future scientific research and development, creativity and innovation.